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What the end of a que no me dejas is like.

On the day that Russell has complained about receiving a penalty for the incident, Red Bull has complained about the apparent optimism of a Perez who had already won fourth from Russell around the outside of turn 4 at the Red Bull Ring.

#11 I don’t understand the panic about being second driver. F1 history is full of second drivers and it’s much more commendable than two cocky guys taking points off the team by fighting each other. If Perez or Sainz don’t want to accept that role then they should have stayed in Racing Point and McLaren respectively.

Everyone thinks Sergio is to blame but they penalize Russell. Clearly you can see how Russell leaves more than enough space but the Mexican driver must want the Mercedes to evaporate, if even RB blames their driver :))

I don’t understand the panic to be second driver. F1 history is full of second drivers and it is much more praiseworthy than two cocky drivers subtracting points to the team because they are fighting each other. If Perez or Sainz don’t want to accept that role then they should have stayed in Racing Point and McLaren respectively.

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The program had other names such as El patio de mi casa es… and Cáscara de mandarina, but was officially renamed Lucas in 1997. The project includes the television program and the awards of the same name, presented annually in November, since 1998.

«I would love for the program to last longer and not only broadcast premiere videos, but also opt for the rebroadcast of those that have been previously premiered in that space. It is something that would benefit not only the program but also the artists.»

«It would have been impossible for us to get off the ground without Lucas. Our first songs gained popularity that way: ‘La pachanga’, ‘El despechado’, ‘Evolución’, ‘Parar el tiempo’, now we are passing ‘Feudalismo moderno’, ‘El punto cubano’… In short, so many friends, so many stories, that it would be impossible for me to talk little about it.

«Not only in mine, I think it has been important for the musical career of every Cuban artist. It is one more space to spread our work. Lucas arrived to complete that missing link in television that spreads the work of musical artists.»

Final chapter of the second season of que no me dejas

«I keep calling his name. A young black man from Akron, Ohio, who was looking to explore the world, a vivacious young man, who loved to travel, even made plans to come to Houston to visit the rodeo, the renaissance festival, and even see a live WWE event,» he said.

«So his life was taken too soon….. I’m focusing on how to educate my daughters about what just happened, the tragedy behind it. And then on what we can do locally to raise awareness and stay involved in the community and show that we’re not a threat to society.»

Gunshot residue testing can detect specific particles related to the discharge of a firearm «but the results of those tests are not conclusive as to whether or not the person fired a gun,» Kohler said.

Also in this case, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) on Thursday urged the Justice Department to investigate the shooting, describing it as a «gruesome murder» in a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

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>>thank you very much, guadalajarani popular. congratulations to the fans, rafa mÁrquez has been left to owe, he does not make his debut in the final score of chivas and he already sees that the ghost of relegation is around, exclusive interview with the chivas striker >>it is clear to everyone that the team has been dragging a bad moment since last tournament, the fact that chivas does not reach the playoffs is a resounding failure. >>I have always thought…

. >> without don enrique, thank you very much for your attention. >> excuse me. >> chirimbolo, what a pleasure. >> you look great, don’t you? >> yes. >> nice to see you in good health. >> thank you, thank you. tell me something, is Felipin okay? >> very, very well, isn’t he? >> yeah, really? >> yes chirimbolo, a little sad because he hasn’t seen his friends, but they take good care of him. >> oh yes, he even has a governess for him, and that nothing….

. >> moisés: thank you very much jorge, we will be back later with our sports segment, as you know we are still here, we are going to do the firefighters’ work today, but we will be back later with the sports segment. >> juliana: good moises, we will be waiting for you, and as you heard we will be back later on our newscast. and precisely, in prince george county in iban. the 24 dark sky gray and black vehicles, are just a part of the 65 of the police. the police chief says that the new look represents the new department, which now has more advanced vehicles, because they have more power, better control and front and rear wheel drive, it has become more than 8 million dollars for this. and a new transportation law in virginia will give belfast County more than $50 million in transportation project funds, each of the jurisdictions will be able to retain 30 percent of the money generated from new taxes to be used for the development of transportation plans.

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