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Lewis Mendoza, Nacho Casano and Ivonne Montero are the three contestants among which the next eliminated contestant of Telemundo’s reality show will be decided. Viewers will have to vote for the personality they want to keep on the show.

Last week Zerboni was at risk of elimination. When he returned to the house after visiting the elimination room, where he finally ended up leaving Rafael Nieves, Laura Bozzo did not receive him with much joy.

«I want to apologize because I think I have not been fair with you, one, and two I want the three of us to be hand in hand with hand in hand and that we leave here the three of us in the final. We are together forever,» said Bozzo.

Before ending with a big hug, Zerboni said: «I said I would never leave you and I will never leave you despite all the adversities I will be there for you. Of course I forgive you, I needed to hear that».

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«I never thought about money when I started playing tennis. It’s a great job because you can make a lot of money, but it’s also expensive. For me it was an enjoyment to play tennis. I don’t know what I will do with the prize money, it has never been my priority.»

I have shown that you don’t always have to have a great team from a young age, I had it from 17 or 18. It doesn’t matter the financial situation, who they are, everyone can play and get great results. I have proven to myself that I can win a Grand Slam, maybe more than one. That’s the goal I’m going to work for.»

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Nicolas Cage is doomed to live his working life with memes always playing in the background. No matter what movies he makes or how much enthusiasm he puts into them, there will always be people who go overboard with the joke and fail to see that Cage is much more than the actor of gifs or an icon on the 21st century Internet. ‘Pig’ is proof that he is capable of elevating a film that many will watch with a sense of humor and come away with tears in their eyes.

Nicolas Cage signs one of his best roles in this film: he is an actor who always gives one hundred percent in each character, even if it is for a straight-to-DVD bodrio, but in ‘Pig’ it is noticeable that, detached from the grimaces and exaggerated expressions, he can give free rein to a performance in which his sobriety stands out, always containing (by the skin of his teeth) the nerve. Memes and jokes aside, the actor embroiders a role in which he shows what he has always been able to do in an impressive interpretative maturity.

Not since ‘Ratatouille’ have we seen such an evocative speech about food and the memory neurons it activates. But what in the Pixar film was a celebration of life through eating here is quite the opposite: showing the other side of the coin is vital in a work that leaves no hostages along the way. No matter how cynical you may be, ‘Pig’ will eventually strike a chord with you.


Carlos Camargo asked «the armed actors to respect the rights of the communities and to comply with International Humanitarian Law» especially because of the social risk that this implies for these communities vulnerable to forced displacement.

Camargo asked the authorities to respond to the early warnings that the Ombudsman’s Office has issued for the territories of Arauca (and its urban and peri-urban areas), Arauquita, Saravena, Fortul and Tame, Puerto Rondón and Cravo Norte.

As a result of the violence in Aruaca, many citizens have been confined, especially those in the villages of El Temblador, Gran Bucare, Canoas, La Holanda and the indigenous reservation La Esperanza where armed altercations were reported.

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